Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I just bought 8oz of this from Copper Moose. Must....wait....for....wheel.... Posted by Picasa


Blogger the fiddlin' fool said...

Wow, that's beautiful roving. It will probably produce a very deep, mottled yarn.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Colleen said...

Hmmm, what's this I hear about no more room for yarn? This roving will become more yarn eventually.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Dianna said...

You are going to have fun watching yarn evolve from the beautiful roving. Copper Moose has nice stuff.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous mamacate said...

Yum. That looks hard to wait for. I think you're a goner, just saying.

So, fair isle and tequila? We really must talk, we seem to have a great deal in common. :)

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

Oh, and I'm going to try to flash a shot of my "Save the Ales" t-shirt. It was supposed to be a joke, but I'm almost as much of a beer geek as I am a wool geek, so for me, it's actually a little serious.

10:55 PM  

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