Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

Things I have thought about blogging:
  • my new ability to crochet without wanting to poke my eyes out
  • a big crochet project I have started
  • lots of things I have spun, want to spin, or thought about spinning and then didn't
  • a couple of things I have knit and/or am currently knitting
  • a warning that I really, really want to makeover my blog, but then just thinking about all.that.work. makes me despair and then I leave it looking like a throwback to the knit blog heydays of 2006. So if I finally bite the bullet, this place might look like ass for a while.
  • that I am proud of myself for not faking my own death while on vacation, and reinventing my life, as a hermit-like shepherd/fiber artist living in a shack on the sand dunes of Martha's Vineyard
  • letting you know that I succumbed to Twitter and you can find me "tweeting" as Pumpkinmama over there.
  • that I just realized I was only able break down the mental "can't blog" barrier when I broke down blogable items into 140 characters or less
  • that Twitter might have broken my brain, or at least my ability to write coherently
  • Something awesome that someone should make: a blog-like template that mashes all your flickr updates, twitter updates, and Ravelry activity into a single page so it all coalesces into a blog-like-thing without the work of actually writing a blog post? Is that Facebook? I don't know, I haven't fallen down that particular rabbit hole yet.
  • I want to make more of those cool roving pillows and probably sell some on Etsy.
  • Can someone come warp my loom for me, I just can't find the time.
  • I saw "UP" with my kids yesterday and scarred them for life. It is NOT a movie to bring young children to. Yes, I saw the PG rating, but really, its Disney/Pixar/advertised as cute and funny. It was cute and funny, but it was also terrifyingly intense and emotional, and had my 6yo sobbing on my arm asking to go home (I was a mean mommy and made him stay so he could see all that tension get resolved)
  • my desire to knit lace has returned
  • I want to knit 87 different sweaters RIGHT NOW but the vast array of desired sweaters is leaving me paralyzed with indecision