Thursday, November 29, 2007

Too Many Identities

I have too many online identities. I have this blog, I have the blog I keep for updates on the kids, I have my Flickr account, and I have Ravelry. I represent myself the same in all those places, but for instance, when I post this photo to Flickr

I forget that I am sharing with only a few people who actually follow my photostream over there, and that my readers here have no idea that my new Rose arrived on Monday - just in time for Dizzle's nap, so I got it assembled and spinning right away. It is heavenly, and I am very pleased with my purchase.

This burgeoning of online locales where I can share my photos and even my knitting, without committing to writing a blog post has me wondering how to balance them all. I love being able to quickly share photos (in the case of Flickr) and knitting projects without having to muster the brainpower, or more importantly for me, the time to write a whole post. I love writing here and I would never forgo the blog entirely, but I find myself wondering if Ravelry and Flickr* had been around when I started 3 years ago if I would have skipped the blog thing and used just those. *Yes, Flickr was around 3 years ago, and I even had an account, but it wasn't quite what it is today, and I don't think as much of the spin/knit community was on there as they are now.

What do you all think - has Ravelry changed how you blog? I'm curious to see what will happen to the knitblog community as Ravelry grows and becomes accessible to all.

Monday, November 26, 2007

All I've Got

So Kim was bemoaning that all she sees on the knit blogs lately is magically produced finished objects, with no work-in-progress posts. Well, my dear, if you want WIPs this is the place to be, because its all WIPs all the time here at PumpkinKnits! Apart from my Celtic Dreams and my Morning Glory Wrap, both of which are rapidly closing in on the one year mark for WIP status (a first for me) I have a really gorgeous sock in the works, and I think the color might appeal to dear Kim as well.

The yarn is from Heather of Serenknity and is aptly named Pumpkin Patch. The pattern is Mad Color Weave, which I've been wanting to knit since I saw it. I think they're working quite nicely together, don't you?

Up next - more WIPs for Kim, as I plan to bore you all with more photos of my Celtic Dreams and Morning Glory - like I said, they're all I've got!


Monday, November 19, 2007

Warm and Wooly Spinning

My little Mazurka has found a new home with some wonderful new spinners from Maine. Before I could let her go, I had to clear off the bobbins, which meant finishing my first true woolen spun. This is 2oz/250yds of Rambouillet from Anne's Exotic Fibers Club. It it pretty wildly inconsistent, so I need some more long draw practice thats for sure, but I do love the result - so elastic and fluffy!

Also made it through a Grafton Fibers batt, this is 3oz/180yard bulky 3-ply. This had been my spinning night project for a while, and despite the haphazard nature of its transformation into yarn (I rarely actually focus on my spinning at spin night) I really like it and it oceanic colors just mesmerize me.

I've been on a spinning jag lately, with the wheel getting my attention before my knitting does, and currently have some gorgeous romney from Adrian's fiber club on the Louet. (I'd have never thought I'd put that adjective in front of the word Romney before I got this package from Adrian - amazing stuff.)

My little spinning corner in the dining room now feels so empty with Mary Jane gone, but I'm not too worried. I've already got a new wheel coming to take her place. I expect that my spinning jag may last a while.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Winter Knitting, Old and New

My fabulous sister (I'll add "in law" for clarity's sake, but I do count her as a real sister for what it's worth) requested a chocolate brown hat. I picked up some Classic Elite Waterlily at spin night this week and viola!

It will be hard to give this one away.

Project Specs:
Pattern: 3 A.M. Cable Hat by SmarieK
Needles: #7 DPNs
Yarn: Classic Elite Waterlily, color 1978.
Notes: A great little pattern, and I love love love this yarn - knits up beautifully, almost looks velvety, is soft and squishy and perfect for a hat. I also now really want a sweater made out of this. Just yum.

Also, this came off the needles more than a year ago, and is finally seeing some use. This is a great all around sweater, and the yarn (Valley Yarns Amherst) despite being a super-soft merino is holding up really well. Hooray for babies in handknits.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Time for Goodbye

To MaryJane.

Lovely clear finish Kromski Mazurka. I'm clearing room (and raising money) for my next 2nd wheel. She is in good shape, with three small flaws (see Flickr set for closeups and details of those) that do not affect how she spins at all. Comes with 2 whorls (4 speeds) orifice hook, 5 bobbins and the pretty arched Kromski tensioned lazy kate.

This has also been posted on Ravelry spinning sales boards. Only caveat is I really don't want to ship, so you've got to be willing to make a Boston-area pickup, I'd be willing to drive up to 2hrs to meet someone from farther afield if necessary. Paypal or cash/money order. Feel free to email with any questions.