Friday, September 23, 2005

Contest: Show me your Ts!

I don't have much interesting knitting commentary today, so I was going to show you my favorite T-shirt. I picked this baby up at a craft fair a few weeks ago, and I just adore it. It is supposed to stand for "Protest Outrageous Oil Prices", but I really just got it because it says Poop. How can you not giggle when you see a shirt that says Poop. I come from a long line of people genetically programmed to enjoy potty humor, what can I say?

Then I though it would be fun to see what other people's favorite T-shirts are. So, here's the guidelines for the contest:
-take a photo of you in your favorite T
-post it on your blog and share with us why its your favorite (if you're blogless, email me a photo and I'll post it here on your behalf)
-leave a comment here, or email me (see sidebar) and point me to your entry.
-everyone who posts will be entered into a drawing, I will randomly pick one winner from all entries, that winner can choose one of the below and knit her(or him) self a nice pair `o sockies.
-Deadline for submissions is Wed. 9/28 11:59pm
-I'll post the winner either Thurs. or Fri. next week.

Winner chooses one Posted by Picasa


Blogger Stephanie said...

Cute! I'll have to go home and rummage through my shirts. Stay tuned.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Helen said...

Mine's up at http://shadowdancer105.tripod.com....

9:56 AM  
Anonymous miftik said...

I bit. :D http://www.miftik.com/create/archive/001830.php

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Isela said...

Here is my fav t shirt:

I am in Mountain Time, and here it is only 11:53pm :)...did I make the deadline...hmmm.

12:52 AM  

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