Thursday, July 31, 2008

Request for Good-Vibage

I know what a powerful mental force you knitters can emit when required, so if you have any to spare, some good thoughts for my Dad would be much appreciated. He is in the hospital tonight awaiting an angiogram tomorrow am after some episodes of chest pain and an irregular EKG.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Little Experiment

So, I've had this idea brewing in my head since before my vacation. Gradient dye a strip of roving from dark to light, split it down the middle, then spin each half onto a bobbin and chain ply each one. Ending up with (hopefully) 2 hanks of yarn that go from light/dark. A fun thing to knit into socks or use them alternately in light/dark stripes - and I'm sure there are many other cool things you could do with fiber/yarn like that.

This is my little (2.5oz) test roving. I was shooting for a pretty teal I'd managed to get the other day when I was dying for the shop, but it is still kind of too green. No matter, the main effect was achieved, and now its just the spinning (and knitting to see how it actually pans out) that is left. Good fun!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Title stands for Yet Another Etsy Shop. That would be my new shop, named VINES. In it you can find some of these, along with some of my handspun. This should be an adventure.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


I highly recommend that anyone who is able to take 3 weeks off at a time does so. My, what a wonderful, much-needed recharge time. PumpkinFamily spent a marvelous time with great weather, lots of beach time, zero internet and TV, lots of walks, and just general relaxed outside merriment in the sunshine.

I was able to spin almost every day and got so much done. I managed to knit exactly 2 rows (later frogged due to brain damage) the whole time. The spinning is below, you can go to Flickr to see specific details of each.

The other fibery event of vacation was a visit to the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm to see the baby goats and sheep and meet Susan the owner, and marvel at her energy and spirit - that woman is going non-stop all the time. Cheryl hopped over to the island from her Cape Cod vacation and joined us for our visit.

Happy summertime everyone, hopefully I will be posting somewhat regularly again.