Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crafty, but not Knitting

Speaking of distracted....I just had to share my latest crafty project. Faux BabyLegs made with a $3 pair of kneesocks from Target in about 15 minutes. Instructions can be found here. If I could find more good looking knee socks, I'd make more, but having trouble locating any - even in all the local megamarts where they should be.

P.S. I am aware I could knit her something similar, but these are the perfect weight for springtime, and you can't beat the instant gratification factor.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Distracted, Distracting, Distractable

Whenever I get more than 2 projects on the needles, I start feeling flighty and distractable. That is why I sidelined the red Trekking socks in favor of Mom's socks to begin with:

I am making decent time on them, and thanks to the luscious STR, they are never too far from my hands. In the above photo you see evidence of my only complaint against this yarn - the balls always-always fall apart on me! Its almost as if the yarn is too round and rolls off itself - anyone know the real reason this happens and/or how to prevent it?

My second project is my Celtic Dreams, you know - the sweater that'll help me be camouflaged when I'm on my deck?

I was trucking right along, knitting the back when project number three flew into my lap:

I'd been eyeballing Anne's progress on her latest design, realizing that I had the perfect yarn for it. You know, one of those patterns that just grabs you and you know you must knit it, and you totally can't wait to just cast on? So I was utterly delighted when Anne took me up on my offer to test knit it. My version of her Glory Morning Wrap is still sprouting here, so go look at hers and see it in all its, um, glory. It demands all of my undistracted knitting time now - so the Celtic Camouflage sweater is waiting patiently, with the Mom sock as my "I can watch the kids and knit a little here and there" project.


Monday, April 09, 2007


4oz Merino
Hand dyed: mish-mash stovetop no measuring method
300yards, Navaho Ply
12WPI, worsted weight

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Zero Knitting Content....

....just a rant.

I know I work in a profession primarily populated by people with penises, but PLEASE! When I ask you a question, have the courtesy to direct your answer to ME, not one of my penis-posessing colleagues.* I cannot think of one thing you could do, short of slap me on the ass and ask me to get you a cup of coffee, that could piss me off more.

*I am extremely fortunate to work in a wonderful place with exceedingly wonderful co-workers, and rarely have to face this kind of behavior. This particular ire-inducing incident was perpetrated by an outside contractor.