Friday, May 07, 2010


So I think the last time I spoke to you here, I was a wee bit obsessed with crocheting a Babbette blanket. Well, I finished it not long ago, and here are some pretty pictures for you. (all the yarn details, etc. on Ravelry here).

I appears that getting that out of my system has cleared the way for a new quest. I've completely succumbed to the quilting virus, which I manged to pick up on Flickr. I'm in the midst of making Dizzle a twin quilt for her bed, finished one quilted potholder swap, just joined a mini-quilt swap, and completed a baby quilt for a neighbor, which you see below.

I am not a newcomer to quilting, I did a little bit long before the blog, and most certainly before the kids. I think my knitting has given me a new enjoyment for working on making quilts again. I used to just.want.a.finished.piece. Having learned to love the process of my knitting, has helped me love the process of quilt making. I think I stoppped it partly because parts of it are super-fiddly, and if you mess up, sometimes you can't fix it (i.e. cutting fabrics), and I would get frustrated because my missteps kept me from my finished piece goal, and led me to want to cut corners (i.e not pressing, etc) for the sake of speed. I find myself really enjoying the less glamorous steps of making a quilt much more, and even not minding ripping out the same seam 3 times to get it just right. Which is a wonderful surprise to me.

So, expect to see more fabric here, though I most certainly will be still be knitting, and spinning, and crocheting and everything else as well.