Tuesday, June 12, 2007

See You Later!

I had hoped to take some photos and write up a "State of the WIPs" post today. However, we leave for 2 weeks of vacation to our favorite spot on Saturday morning, and I have an assload of running around to do before then, so its just not going to happen. We are sans high technology there, so I will be incommunicado until our return at the end of the month.

So, I leave you with a pretty picture from my garden. You can see more of my "pretties" over here if you like.

See you in July.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I'm A Monkey!

All of your comments from my last post about struggling with my socks helped greatly. A couple in particular stood out to me: Yoshimi said " I can never get my socks over my heel when I only have 3 inches, I always have to wait until I have done the heel" and Rachel said " Okay, that sock yarn was born to be knit into Monkey over 64 stitches." It seems many of you agreed with her, loving the way the stripes were working with this pattern. So I re-cast-on for the Monkeys with 64 stiches, knit on with utter confidence that more pattern repeats and a heel would make it fit and Yoshimi was correct! Perfect fit. Monkies it will be for my sockpal!

Oh, and Debi, I did start your Scale Skin suggestion, and they were looking lovely as well, I may just keep them for myself, as I have 2 pairs worth of the yarn.