Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm knitting again

Last week I semi-regularly picked up the "super-secret baby knitting" project for the new niece/nephew due in Sept., and I was shamed into starting a hat for Dad. The hat was to be for his birthday on Sunday, but I had to resort to putting a skein of yarn in a box instead. (Please note that the shaming was all internal, my father would never make me feel bad for that, apart from gentle teasing.) I've also made a command decision that the koigu socks are just not doing it for me - the colors are too fall-like right now, and I'm going to frog them until the yarn comes up with a better idea for itself. Yes, it is the yarn's fault.

We had a good weekend, with PumpkinBoy turning 3 on Friday. We celebrated Fri. night for both him and my Dad with a small family gathering. If you care about motherly blatherings, you can read my annual birthday letter to him over here. We also had our 18(ish) week fetal ultrasound, and discovered that the babe is a girl! And more importantly, she looks the picture of health. I am a bit nervous about raising a girl, as I was a nightmare of a teenager myself, and I feel that there must be some karmic come-uppance plodding towards me. But I have plenty of time before I get to that part, and the real hard won lessons raising PumpkinBoy to date have been gender-neutral.

No photos today, as I'm being naughty and posting from work.

Monday, June 19, 2006

K and L are for...

"Knitting Loser", or perhaps "Lackadaisical Knitter". Might you prefer "Literally no Knitting" or "Knitting was a Lost cause?" Here is photo of all the knitting I did on my 2 weeks of vacation draped across my dining room table:

Nope, there is no new fancy invisible yarn available that you haven't heard of yet. I can give you all kinds of excuses, like our vacation house has no electricity, and the propane lamps are hard on the eyes after dark (they are!) or that I had no free time, but then how do I explain that I read upwards of 8 books (half of which were crappy pulp thrillers/suspense novels).

I did manage to get the wheel to travel with us, thanks to the genious car-packing skills of my husband, but I spun for a total of half an hour over the 2 weeks.

In an email conversation with Cheryl since my return, it dawned on me that knitting is no longer my default behavior when presented with time on my hands. Through the malaise of the 1st trimester and the spending most of my time outdoors of my vacation, my brain has forgotten that its first reflex when idle used to be to pick up the needles. I have determined that a vigorous retraining effort is needed. I will proceed to re-educatate my poor hormone- and relaxation-addled brain and hands so that they will once again instinctively reach for yarn and sticks instead of remote controls. Wish us luck.