Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Breaking the Rules

First thank you all for inflating my ego with all the compliments on both the sweater and my shape post-childbirth. I could write a paragraph on how this 2nd jaunt into motherhood has totally erased all my hopes of ever looking like I used to, but I'm not quite upset enough by that to expend the energy, so I will just say a simple "your compliments made my day".

On to the rule breaking! I have a little internal rule that allows only one sock in progress at a time. I am, after all, not an insanely fast sock knitter. When my (mostly non-sock-wearing) mother requested a pair of socks, I had a great excuse to break the rule. The red ones you see below are the Trekking socks that I cast on just 2 days before P-Girl arrived, and have been languishing for months. Mom happened to ask just after I had done a little stash enhancement from Blue Moon, and she chose some blue-licious lightweight in Midsummers Night. Needless to say, these are flying off the needles, I could knit this yarn all day and night.

Also in that photo, you see the seldom-seen and quite elusive Pumpkin-swatch. To add to its rarity, this one is actually washed and dried. I freakin' abhor swatching. I have no idea why, as my rational side knows it saves all kinds of time and anguish. My impulsive, instant gratification side often wins swatching battles and I start and rip a sleeve over and over til I get gauge (or don't). Yes, I realize this method actually wastes more time than a swatch would, but I'm nothing if not irrational when it comes to getting my knit on.

In this case swatching paid off. I have come to the conclusion that my current super- cabley-craving will be fed by Celtic Dreams. I got spot-on gauge for that, and would have to go mucking about in too-small-needle land with this yarn to get it for the couple A.S. projects that were in the running. The yarn, by the by, is Classic Elite Skye Tweed, in a color that I like to call "My Deck":

(color most accurate in this photo)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Sweater a Day

I got to wear a hand knit sweater to work for all three of my work-days this week. Rogue, Ariann and the newest - Hourglass.

Project Specs:
Pattern: Hourglass Sweater, from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: K1C2 Angora Soft, Color #635 (main color) and #257 (contrast hems)
Needles: #7 Denise
Notes: I has been worried I wouldn't be able to wear this, but was pleasantly surprised that I can. The yarn is 45/50/15 Nylon/Viscose/Angora and has great drape, however I'm still not positive the yarn was the right choice - after one days wearing, it is already losing its shape (a lot like cotton would, I imagine). Perhaps it will just be one of those that really needs a washing/reblocking after wearing? I do like how it fits when its "fresh" though. The fabric itself is soft, but there are spots where it is scratchy - I'm guessing where the viscose is heavier or something? No idea, but I don't have terribly sensitive skin, so no real complaints from me.

The contrast hems are a stray from the pattern as written, but I liked the way it looked on other Hourglasses out there, and I am pleased with how they look on mine. I did knit about 6 extra rows on the neckline, and added one extra decrease round to combat the common complaint of too wide a neckline as written. I like the way it turned out - still collarbone bearing, but enough coverage to hide the bra straps. Speaking of which, this sweater quite obviously highlights the fact that I need to invest in some good undergarments! Eek.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hey Monica!

P-Girl fits in your gift now. She wore it for the 1st time this past weekend. Seen here visiting with her Cousin A., who was born 2 months before she was.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Midweek Miscellany

...or a clever pseudonym for Random Wednesday.

-Have any other Boston-area readers noted that traffic has been amazingly light the past week or so?

-Turning back into working mom has been not as bad as I thought, but I do sorely miss my quiet Me-and-MissP days already.

-Pumping milk at work sucks. At least I now have a private enough office so that I can work while I do it and I don't have to trek up two floors every 3 hours like I did last time.

-I might have to take back my reservations about the Hourglass Sweater. On sleeve #2, and I'm feeling hopeful that I may be able to wear it after all.

-Potty training can be more of a pain in the ass than changing diapers.

-Please, please, please do not let this 4-day stomach bug that is sweeping both mine and husband's workplaces spread into my home.

-Why is it that as soon as I have the least amount of free time available to me, I get urges to knit complex cabled sweaters? Celtic Dreams vs. St. Brigid - a fight to the death in my head, who will come out on top?

-Hooray for warmer weather!