Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunrise Circle Update

I am extremely pleased to announce that the Sunrise Circle has found a home with Danielle. She came over last night to try it on and it looks as if it were made just for her - a perfect fit! Hooray for happy endings. I will get replacement yarn so I can knit mine in a more realistic size. I love it when things work out like this!

Friday, September 19, 2008

In Which I Exhibit Personal Growth, or the Opposite

As I mentioned in my last post, my Sunrise Circle is finished. As proof, I offer up this mediocre photograph of it on my kitchen floor. It will not be getting the full tripod, auto-timer and lovingly crafted close ups.

She is way too big. I noticed it when I was seaming up in Chicago that it seemed kind of large. When I got all the seaming done, I tried it on and realized it was true. In an effort of rationalization (a great area of expertise for me), my brain whispered, "But you haven't sewn up the hems and you really need the buttons on to see how it will fit closed up." So I finished the finishing - hems all around, even the crochet loops to go on the perfectly spaced toggle buttons.

But how did this happen? I had spot-on gauge. The problem, my friends, is that I have no idea what size I actually am. When I started knitting, I was a first-time nursing mom. To say that 2 years more of nursing, one more pregnancy and re-lactating has changed my curves a bit is quite an understatement. My bust is a far cry from the milk-filled 40" that I got when I last measured in 2004. Gravity and repeat nursing have not been kind to the girls and when I measure now I am a solid 38". Seeing as I knit the 41" size, on this supposed to be somewhat fitted cardi, I am toast.

Back in those first knitting days, I would have crumpled up and cried and then lived in total denial. Relegating the sweater to the back shelf, trying it on hopefully every once and while, thinking things might have changed. Not this time. My brain tried to trick me - I even brought it to spin night last night, hoping someone would tell me it was OK to try and felt it a little, but Terry and the other sharp cookies there shook their heads sadly. She will be dismantled and reknit promptly in the proper size. I'm just glad it needs to be smaller, because I was about 5 inches away from needing to frog my swatch to finish this size.

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Knitting!

I was living solo in a hotel room in Chicago all last week while at a conference for work. I always miss the kiddos and the husband when I'm away, but I do try to focus on the positives, like the peace and quiet, the tidy room, the exquisite pleasure of no one needing anything from me when I walk in the door at night. And of course, the knitting time. The extra time saw me starting and finishing Dizzle's winter hat, out of the handspun I posted last.

This is Bias Riddged Hat (Ravelry link) - not many of them out there on Ravelry, but it is a quick and easy knit and just a perfect pattern for handspun.

I also got a start on something I've had in the queue for a while. This is Maryse's fabulous Gathered Scarf, in Sereknity's "Rock Lobster" colorway in merino/alpaca/silk and it is for me me me! I've had this pattern/yarn combo in mind all along, and I'm excited to finally have started.

Last but not least, my extra time allowed me to get a lot of the finishing work on Sunrise Circle done. A post on that will be coming soon.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Latest WIP

I alluded to the return of my knitting mojo in my last post. I've been wanting to knit Sunrise Circle for some time now, and finally cast on, with the yarn I bought for that purpose, no less! Here is a partly completed left half:

This side is now complete, and I'm about half done with the right side sleeve/front combo. The yarn is Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran, and it is quite nice to knit with, I wish I had more of it. It makes a nice firm but soft fabric knit a little tight like is is for this pattern.

Spinning continues as well - the below is about 225yds of worsted 3ply from HelloYarn Fiber Club, way back from June 2007. It is 18-micron merino and it is indescribably soft. We're approaching hat season and I think this will make a fine one for Miss Dizzle. Yum.