Saturday, August 20, 2005

Next Up...

I have 2 family weddings coming up in Sept. and Oct. I would like to have a shawl to wear to at least one of them. I'm not crazy enough to think I can get one done by the Sept. 10th one, but maybe, just maybe I can crank one out for October.

I've had this Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud for some time now. I got it in a Knittyboard swap for some sock yarn. I hate the color though - its a very bland gray-taupe. Blah. I plan to dye it for the shawl-to-be. However, it was already balled up when I got it, what to do, what to do?

shawl-to-be Posted by Picasa

How about we make a niddy-noddy? After plonking down about $4 at Home Depot, and 15 minutes of woodworking, ta-da! A perfectly serviceable niddy-noddy: woo-hoo! Ingredients are 1 16" chair leg from the moulding section (with screw embedded in one end already) 1 3/4" diameter dowel, cut into 2 10"pieces, and one 1 1/2" screw. Add a cordless drill, and voila! Niddy-noddy and one ball is quickly ready to be re-skeined.

Now, on to decisions. I've been thinking about the ubiquitous Kiri, or the also ubiquitous Flower Basket, and I also have the pattern for the Baltic Sea Stole. I need to decide which, because that will determine my dye color. You wouldn't be able to tell from this blog, but red is one of my favorite colors (I have yet to knit anything red, although my Eris will be) and I think if I go with Kiri or FBS it will be red. However, if I go with Baltic Sea Stole, I'm thinking bluey-green. I plan to experiment with some test dyes today to see what pans out.


Blogger Laura said...

I say do the Baltic Sea Stole! Kiri and FBS have been done to death. And do red if you really like red. I know I've seen a reddish version of the Baltic Sea Stole. (I think Kate Gilbert did it?)

6:51 PM  
Blogger rachel86deborah said...

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1:00 AM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Brilliant niddy noddy! Much better than paying full price for a wooden version that does the same thing (I feel like an idiot now, because that's what I did).
I'm with Laura, I vote for the Baltic Sea stole. I'm not a big fan of triangular shawls, and I think the pattern of the Baltic Sea stole is much more interesting. Good luck with your dyeing experiment!

1:06 AM  

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