Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Guess what this means:

It means I finished the back of Devan, which means we are all one step closer to me not whining about this sweater. Also, this was my first intarsia attempt - its far from perfect, I think I can tighten up some of the loosey-goosey parts with some selective yarn tightening. This shot makes the patch look warped, but it is a rectangle. I am doing the sleeves at the same time, and making good headway on them already.

The sharp-eyed may have also noticed the addition of of the Aurora pullover in the WIP sidebar. I am loving this "yarn" (its really a knitted tube), and it is so light and airy and soft. This top is going to be worn-in-T-shirt comfortable, and even with long sleeves, I'm guessing I'll be able to wear it long into the warm months, it feels that light and airy. I'll post a pic when I get to the interesting parts - for now its just a 7-in piece of stockingette.


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