Friday, February 11, 2005

Devilish Devan

How about some knitting content- would you like that? I would. I seem to have settled down a little bit from my bout of "knitzophrenia". I finished my first socks - made with 2 strands of WoolEase held together - they came out really well (except for mutant kitchener toes - I need to work on my technique.) I don't have a photo because I gifted them to my lovely sister-in-law, she seemed to really like them even with their Dr. Seuss toes.

After finishing those socks, I was able to settle down a bit and finish the right front of Devan, seen below with its brother blocking out a little bit. I can say that I am a confident I will finish this before The PupkinMan will outgrow the size I'm making, however, I can also say that I will never ever knit a sweater with sock yarn again. This thing is tedious. I dread doing the back - 110 stitches wide, all in stockinette and all in a solid color (except for the cute little patch of pattern near the neck line). I plan to cast on for the back today just to get it on the needles before my overwhelming sense of dread stops me.

Devan front Posted by Hello

I seem to have relaxed on the urge to start another sweater for myself immediately, but I am still bouncing between wanting Mariah or Rogue to be my first cabling project. Mariah's arms scare me being a first time cabler (is that a word?) and Rogue seems easier in that it has shots of complicated cables, but they are small-ish areas and you get a break of lots of stockinette before you need to tackle another one. I have yet to finish unraveling the sweater that will provide the yarn for whichever I choose, so who knows perhaps the yardage I get will help me decide.


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