Saturday, January 29, 2005


I am having a really difficult time getting my project ideas organized. I'm feeling very fractured and frenzied. I can't settle into a groove of any kind and I'm not making much progress on any one thing. Here's what I've been doing for the past week since I finished Klaralund

-I have Devan on the needles, and am a third of the way onto the second front piece. I'm having trouble finding any motivation to pick this up. But every time I make myself pick it up, I knit happily away, enjoying it and wondering why I dread picking it up so much. It hasn't been touched all week because of this problem, even though at this pace the PumpkinMan won't fit in it by the time I'm done.

-I have cast on for my acryllic Clapotis also, and am on the 3rd repeat of the straight section. This is a fun pattern, and one I can do distractedly which makes for good daytime knitting with the munchkin running around. But again, I'm having trouble picking it up.

Whats been distracting me is plotting and planning for my next "for me" sweater project. I have a bunch of Elann Peruvian Alpaca that I've been swatching madly for Pinup Queen from the first Stitch and Bitch book, but at the same time I'm surfing around looking for other good patterns. I have also been frogging the massive men's XXL lambswool Good Will sweater in hopes of harvesting enough yarn for Mariah or perhaps Rogue, while simultaneously "window shopping" for the yarn for the same - WTF is that about? I know I can't buy that much yarn and that this sweater is what I'll use for whichever one I choose, but I can't stop myself.

Every time I work on any one of the above, I immediately start thinking about one of the other three and thinking I should do one of those. It is driving me batty. Two projects on the needles is plenty for me with work and Pumpkin-raising going on, so I should just take a deep breath and finish Devan and Clapotis with some form of focus. I'm beginning to think that I always need big piece for me on the needles to keep me motivated, with a second piece providing the work for any needed breaks. So, should I add a third project of one of the sweaters just to keep me organized? I'm beginning to think yes. I see floundering abandoned projects in my future - something I hate doing, just because its so typical of me!


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