Friday, January 21, 2005

Good End to the Week!

What a great end to my week! Three good things about this week:

1. Klaralund's last sleeve is done. Seaming this weekend.

2. First ebay yarn purchase! 600+ yds handpainted gold,brown,burgundy,green DK weight yarn. Yummy. No idea what it will become yet but I love it. Any ideas for me?

Ebay yarn Posted by Hello

3. Last and certainly not least my 1st Knittyboard SP package came this afternoon!!

SPGoodness Posted by Hello

3 balls of baby alpaca in wonderful colors, 2 yummy smelling candles, and some accessories that I sorely needed - stitch holders, cable needles and point protectors - truly perfect. I've been thinking about making some fingerless mitts for myself, perhaps the alpaca was meant for them? Thank you Secret Pal, you made my day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That handdyed yarn is beautiful. How does it feel?

Everytime I see yarn like that I think "Pooling Colors Scarf" from IK a few issues ago.


4:36 PM  

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