Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Dash of Color

I agree with Yarn Harlot: February sucks(not her exact words). Its not helping that my knitting "priority" if I were to name one is this:

4 inches of agony, with 12 more to go.....

So I decided to give myself a little break. Witness:

some color

Buttonhole scarf for the PumpkinMan of my own design: Lion Brand Boucle, color JellyBean. Its oh so very complicated, so I'll provide a pattern:
-CO 11 stitches on size 11 needles.
-work in garter stitch til piece measures 20"
-next row: k3, bind off 5, k3
-next row: k3, CO5, k3
-continue in garter stitch for 5 more inches.

It looks a tad silly on him without his coat, but he seems to really like it: wouldn't let me take it off him this morning after trying it on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's adorable!! I love the scarf on him! The colors are fun, but I find that yarn a little icky to work with:) vicky

7:11 AM  

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