Saturday, February 26, 2005

More yarn and something other than Devan

The left yarn tower is 900yds of recycled yarn I frogged from just the sleeves of the massive XXL JCrew sweater I got at Good Will. This will become either Mariah or Rogue. Center tower is all that I got from another GoodWill sweater - low yeild because I assumed the sleeves were knit from cuff up when instead they were picked up at the shoulder and knit down - I lost a lot of yardage before I figured it out. And the last tower is 1300 yds of lovely hand-dyed from Danette Taylor on ebay. It has not told me what it will become yet, but each skein is a different colorway, but a complimentary one, part of me is thinking moderately wide stripes of each alternating would look pretty cool.

Oh - and this photo is also evidence of my latest tool - a ball winder. Got it with a 20% of coupon from Joann.com and its a wonderful tool to have, especially with all the sweaters I'm recycling.

more yarn

And here we have my Clapotis, which has gotten no blog-love yet, so I figured it was due. I took this with me for car-knitting last weekend when we went to New Jersey. I was especially proud that I was able to remember rows 6&8 of the straight section, as I had forgotten to pack the pattern! I'm loving this pattern, and already want to knit more, but that seems kind of silly, as its almost spring and how many scarves/wraps can one person have?

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