Friday, August 25, 2006

Race Prize Patrol

Ok, did a little stash diving and here's what I've got for the Prize Patrol for the race. 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden, AND a ball of Regia Cotton Surf (Cheryl, I'll let you decide if this should be one prize or two). The Noro is #37 - pretty purples and blues with a hint of green in it, very nice. I am so close to finishing a pair of socks in the Regia Cotton Surf and they are really nice - I can't imagine whats been keeping me from finishing them. Get over to the link above and place your bets - there are so many cool prizes piling up, and you don't even have to bet "correctly" to win. You have until midnight tonight.

For my cheerleaders and rivals: Progress continues apace - no more daring acts of surgery have been needed, and today is a "home day" with the PumpkinBoy, who has been known to take VERY long naps if him mommy gets him all tired out the first part of the day. Plus, I was able to stay up extra late (for me) last night knowing we could sleep in. Just sayin.


Anonymous Laurie said...

Oh, I love the tease (and I'm not talking about the prizes). My mind's eye is happy visualizing your progress.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Manise said...

Where did you get your Noro Silk Garden from in colorway #37? Love it! Can't seem to find it in my usual sources. Is it discontinued?

9:09 PM  

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