Saturday, August 26, 2006


Madness #1: I humbly bow to Vanessa, who cranked out this monstrous shawl in about 30 hours (non-stop I hear - hope you're having a lie-down now!) of sheer determination and drive. I cannot even wrap my addled brain and tired hands around the idea of producing that much work in such a short time.

Madness #2: I am slowly driving myself insane. On the recent trip to Webs, I picked up 3 balls of Kidsilk Haze, the yarn I am currently knitting Wing of the Moth with. I placed an order for the much-needed 4th ball last weekend, once I committed to the race. It arrived this Thursday (with maybe a couple other items) and all was good. I am now missing said ball. I am almost ready to join ball #3 of 4, and #4 is nowhere in sight.

-I remember opening the package and making sure they found me a matching dyelot (they did). -I remember putting all (?) the stuff from the package into the bag that is still on the floor with all the yarn I bought in person there the other weekend.
-I remember seeing the (empty?) tyvek envelope the mailed yarn came in on the desk and throwing it away.
-I remember tidying up the fiber dining room this morning and going into the Webs bag and only finding one ball remaining
-I remember frantically looking through 5 garbage bags this morning before they went to the dump, and not finding the Webs envelope (and honestly, not being able to stomach digging too deep into some of them).
-I remember watching my husband leave for the dump, wistfully wishing I had brought it all outside and really gone through each bag in depth.

So the question remains - do I assume I put the yarn somewhere where it would make no sense for me to put it (I of course have looked in all sensible places prior to garbage-pawing) or do I suck it up and order yet another 4th ball. Beacause I am SO still racing, albeit for 2nd place now.

EDITED TO ADD: Webs is now out of stock in this color. Crap. I suppose not much hope of matching dyelots now. Please, little ball of yarn, show up somewhere in my house. Still ordering a new one though - mismatched dyelot is bettern than incomplete shawl.


Blogger Carole said...

If you've really looked EVERYwhere then I'd order another ball of the yarn. You can always use an extra skein of KSH should the other one show up.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Manise said...

Definitely order another one. It'll magically show up. Better to have one more than no more. :-)

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Monica said...

Yep. As soon as you order it you'll find it. Otherwise, could take weeks...

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

First of all, I cannot believe that Vanessa finished the shawl already. Wasn't she the last one into the race? Madness, indeed.
As for the ball of yarn, definitely order another one. The first one you ordered will probably appear as soon as you click the send order button, but better to have too much yarn than not enough.

1:37 AM  
Blogger vanessa said...

i feel your pain, been there done that. order another ball, then the first one will show up. of course then you'll have to order 3 mre so you can knit something with the extra ball you ordered....
and yes, i am insane (and also have lots of free time).

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

It's a consensus. Order another ball. "A few other things", eh? Yes??

12:37 PM  
Blogger Theresa said...

Putting things where you won't loose them is always a sure-fire way for me to never find them again. Good luck.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Ugh, that is the worst feeling -- searching like crazy for something all while having a sinking feeling that it might all be fruitless because what you're looking for could be in the (gone forever) trash. I feel for you.

I really hope your yarn turns up!

3:48 PM  

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