Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Other Birthday FO

So, the other Mom's birthday FO is a table runner that looks like this:

Project Specs:
Pattern: Table Runner from Simple Knits for Sophisticated Knitting
by Barbara Albright (a mothers day gift to me from Pumpkin Boy)
Yarn: Reynolds Gypsy, color 74
Needles: #9 denise

Not a terribly exciting knit, but it came out nicely and hopefully will look lovely on Mom's new dining table, in her new dining room, in her new RETIREMENT house! My mom retired the day after her birthday, she and my Dad (who turned slacker a couple years back) are now livin' it up and hopefully never have to work again - way to go guys! I am beyond thrilled for them, as they both worked so hard to give us kiddos a great upbringing. I gave them much more grief when I was young than a daughter should be allowed to give parents, so they deserve the rest!


Anonymous Colleen said...

Looks great!!

8:39 AM  

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