Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Too many projects

I've decided that I am a knitter who can only have a couple projects going at a time. For the past several months I have had (and still do have) too many things on the needles and it is beginning to drive me bonkers. I walk a fine line between being a project and process knitter. I do greatly enjoy the process and enjoy learning new techniques. However, I also have an innate need to get things done, which is in part spawned by the imperative to start new things. For the most part these desires are pretty well balanced, I am able to keep one foot planted squarely in each camp. When I first started knitting I was very good at only having one or two things in progress at a time. I must have gotten cocky, because today I have four - see the WIP area on the right.

This is way too many projects for me, because with this many things going on, my get things done needs are not met and therefore the corollary start new things need is also left unsated and I find myself with merely a toe left in the process knitting camp, and that toe freqently joins the other feet and stomps with frustration. That is just no fun.

So...my plan is this:
  • finish Aurora: I am almost a foot into the sleeves, doing both at the same time so this should be soon.
  • finish Branching Out: I'm about 13 repeats in and will need at least that many more to make a useable scarf.
  • Aran Braid Socks: - these have not gotten any press here yet, but I am loving knitting these (with the Froelichwolle my SP sent me) and I am almost done with the first full sock. I've decided having a sock project to pick up is a good thing, and I won't count socks as part of a "2 project limit"
  • Clapotis: this is going to sit until it gets colder out. I do want to finish and I do like knitting it, I just cannot find any inspiration to continue right now. I am giving myself permission to shove this one to the back of the cabinet where my WIPS live and not look at it again until I start thinking I need to be wearing scarves. (Maybe I need to add a "languishing" side bar - I had hoped to avoid one of those)
I don't want to discuss futures as of yet, because I get all amped up and want to start 10 more things and that is what landed me here in the first place. The only definite is Rogue - I have the yarn and the pattern and would like to have it done and wearable come fall.


Blogger Laura said...

I hear you! I personally can't stand having more than 2 projects going at once. I don't know how other people can do it. I think the discussions on the Knittyboard spawn too much "gotta knit it now" excitement.

4:57 PM  

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