Sunday, April 24, 2005

Aran Braid Sock #1

As I mentioned in a prior post - I am really liking this sock pattern. These socks are for a friend with much smaller feet than me, and in the photo below it is being modeled on my, *ahem*, less than petite foot, so its a bit streched. The yarn is the Froehlich Wolle from my SP, and it is quite nice to work with and the colors are lovely. The closeup is off the foot and unblocked, so the cable braid is looking a tad clumpy, but the pattern says to block the hell out of these which I will do when I finish its brother. On a side note, these socks are also my first real cable project as well.

Aran Braid #1 Posted by Hello



Blogger Nederlass said...

Oh wow that's a gorgeous pattern!
Pretty yarn too.
I think I will put this one in my favorites... ;)


1:07 PM  
Blogger Kristen said...

that's your first cable project? I'd never be able to tell! (my first cables needed to be redone because they just weren't right.) They look great, and those colors are beautiful. Thanks for the help with "hello" - I was successful in posting more then one picture. (It's a lot of fun to find other people's blogs through the comments too!)

5:44 PM  

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