Thursday, April 07, 2005

Spring Knitty - yay!

So here's PumpkinMama's unedited first reactions to the new Spring Knitty patterns:

  • Cleaves: I am not a shrug person at all
  • W: This I like - very pretty, and I really like the diamonds of texture in it
  • Mariposa: cute, but not my style
  • Cambio: Not something I would normally gravitate towards, but I find myself intrigued by its atypical shape
  • Asana: I like the look of the front, but am not fond of the open back nor the ribbon straps
  • Ribbon Xback: Pretty and I like the stay-on-ability of the back crossed straps
  • Soleil: LOVE this - reminds me of Honeymoon Cami but with better coverage
  • I do: Beautiful! Perfect for the occasion it was used for - maybe I need to start wearing sundresses and things so I have an excuse to make shrugs and shawls
  • Spring Fling: very cute and practical. I like.
  • Tie one One: these are pretty but apart from the unique closure, kinda blah to me
  • Branching Out: been looking for a good 1st lace pattern -this might be it!
  • via diagonale: VERY nice - I love Wendy's other bags on her site too - I might have to try one finally
  • cocktail monkey: not a fan of cutesy girly bags, so this ones not for me
  • itsybitsy/kitchen sink: These look both practical and fun - might have to pick up some kitchen cotton and give one a whirl
  • wheelie: cute idea! I love practical knitting
  • shade: ditto the above
  • petals: good pattern to have stashed away when you need some adornment
Some things that could certainly make my list for sure. I was about to start Honeymoon Cami, but I will now have to do see if my yarn will work for Soleil, as that design is much more wearable for me in my day-to-day life. I have never been a "bag lady" but I think via diagonale might need to be knit, and I know for sure the kitchen sink bag would come in handy this summer, bringing the PumpkinBoy and his gear to the beach.


Anonymous Colleen said...

I'm glad to read that there are people out there who want to knit some of these things. I'm slightly underwhelmed by what I see. Everything looks so targeted toward a particular age group and body type.

I will give Knitty credit, it is continally pushing the envelope of knitting possibilities.

3:20 PM  

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