Monday, April 11, 2005

New Beginnings

I am a TIGHT knitter. I have known this since I started knitting, learning to not even try to get gauge on recommended needle size, always going up one, more often two needle sizes. I knew I just needed to practice knitting looser, but never took the time to muster the focus needed to break the habit.

However, one pattern and one article in the spring Knitty have inspired me to take the time. The pattern is Susan's Branching Out - designed specifically for newbie lace knitters like me. However, I have always known my tight knitting will get me into trouble if I ever tried lace - you can't really k3tog when your stitches are way too snug on the needles. It has been a fun excercise, and I hope I can ingrain the loose knitting habit over the course of making this scarf. The yarn, by the way, is from one of my GoodWill harvests a few months back.

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Anonymous Colleen said...

A very successful attempt, you should add :-).

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was also a very tight knitter until I knit myself a Klaralund sweater. All that stockinette was a good chance to loosen up and have a more consistent gauge. I also learned that I knit tighter than I purl, unless I'm paying attention ...

1:12 PM  

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