Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Who Knows?

From Kathy's (aka Grumperina) Latest Entry:
How about you? Who knows about your knitting and your knitting blog, and what are your reasons for revealing (or not) its existence to these folks? Don’t just leave me a comment – rather consider this a meme and answer on your own blog ;).

My family knows about my knitting blog - although the only one I think who reads frequently is my younger brother (Hi Mark!), and perhaps his lovely wife (who will actually have a role to play in this blog soon - more later). He has sent me comments once and while via email, even though I've given him "permission" to comment freely - telling him he needn't be a knitter to voice an opinion. He is a clever man, and keeps his own blog over here where he discusses primarily soccer and sausage-making.

My parents stop by here occasionally as well, but I don't think dear husband ever does, even though he certainly knows it exists.

My fellow knitter-sister-in-law (husband's brother's wife) also pops by sometimes, at least I am led to believe she must, because despite not having spoken directly to her in some time, she managed to know I had now taken up spinning, and included a copy of Spin-Off in my Maine Christmas #1 stocking that I opened last weekend.

I share the blog with my family because my family is important to me, and having them not know of my blogging would feel like hiding something from them, which I don't think I have ever done in my life (barring teenager years).

Except for one or two people, work does NOT know of my knitting blog. I make a pretty large effort to keep my personal life just that. Many people know I knit and now spin, but I really am not interested in having regular conversations about my liesure time with my co-workers. My free time is just that - MY free time, and I don't like work polluting it. It helps that I work in IT, so most of my co-workers are men an probably couldn't care less anyway.

My desire to keep work and life seperate are also why I am only PumpkinMama (at least in anything I publish here). I have no illusion of real privacy (hell you can look at my blogger profile and see the blog I keep for my son, and that is a lot less anonymous) and if someone I knew stumbled over here and started to read regularly, or read the 100-things list, they would most certainly know it is me, I just don't want to be that easily google-able.

Friends know of the blog for the most part and just ignore it - my relationships with them don't revolve around fiber-y things, so its not really part of our dialogue, and I'm pretty sure none of them come here regularly.

I'll be curious to read everyone else's reasons!


Anonymous grumperina said...

Very interesting answers! WRT privacy - it is such a small world. A few months ago a former co-worker who didn't know about the blog left me a comment all of a sudden! I freaked out a bit. It ends up that a reader of mine, just a regular ol' reader, is a former roommate of hers and they got to talking and using the skimpy personal info (grad student in Cambridge in science) figured out who I was! Yeah, freaky.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Interesting. I'm going to post my reasons tomorrow.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Moosler said...

Hi soster!

Just wanted to mention that Amy and Mrs. H are semi-regular visitors to both of your blogs.

So hooray for extended-extended family blog traffic!

5:55 PM  
Blogger Theresa said...

I agree that it would just feel way to secretive not to tell my family about my blog. They more or less know how I spend the rest of my time . . .

12:27 PM  

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