Thursday, January 06, 2005

Options for Devan

I've got half of what I need for Devan. Due to the awesome prices at Elann, I gave myself the option of making 2 versions, or just having lots of extra sock yarn. I'll be ordering the solids when they go on sale at Elann on 1/11. I'm looking forward to starting my first small-guage project, and my first garment for The Pumpkinman. I'm such a tight knitter that I am hoping I can get guage with the Denise's on 5s. The pattern calls for main body done on 3mm needles, which looks like it would fall between a 2-3US size. Unless I consciously try to knit loose I often have to go up 2 needles to get guage, so we'll see. I'll try a swatch tonigh while I wait, and if I must, will go buy more needles ;-)

Which combo do you think I should try first?

Option #1

eastcoast blue Posted by Hello

polar ice Posted by Hello

Option #2

schoolhouse Posted by Hello

charcoal Posted by Hello


Blogger General Ginger said...

I like the polar ice the best.

4:04 PM  

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