Wednesday, December 22, 2004


The trip to Maine provided a fair amount of knitting time, none in the car sadly - it was too dark, and I'm not that confident in my blind knitting skills yet. I've finished the back of Klara and am about 20 rows into the the front. Its been very fun to see the colors change, as I've not worked with this colorway before. I'm really liking it (photo up soon hopefully).

And a knitting surprise when I arrived - my sister-in-law (not the same one who's getting the scarf) has started knitting as well. She is a long-time crocheter, which I never knew, but recently started trying her hand at knitting. We had tons of fun chatting, she showed me how she crochets, as I'm hopeless at it, and I showed her how I knit, which she feels hopeless at. We even took a trip to Michaels together and fondled yarn.


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