Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Wearing my sweater

I'm wearing my cardigan today at work. It feels to neat to be wearing something I made. The few people with whom I've shared my "secret" can't believe I made it myself. I was able to wet block it so it fit better around the chest, but that shortened it up considerably. Think I'm going to take a bit of advice I got on the knittyboard and pick up stitches along the open edges and widen the front. I hate the thought of not really being done with it, but I will get more wear out of it if I do that, and that is the goal.

I am almost done with the multidirectional scarf, and I have to say, I love this pattern. Its really fun to do, not boring, but not demanding enough that I have to pay close attention to it. However, because I am dying to get into Klara, I feel like I'm slogging through to the end on it. Some would say, "well then just start the sweater, nothing wrong with having two projects going at once", and I normally would agree. However, I think once I start on Klaralund, I will forsake all others for it. So, I'm being a good little knitter and getting my "must-finish" projects out of the way first.

Also finished a handfull of little ornament bells - they're quite cute. I'll have photos up soon of those and the scarf, and an update to the FOs and WIPS.


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