Saturday, December 11, 2004

Must Have Cardigan

This is my first sweater: Pattern is from Hip to Knit, called "A Must-have Cardigan". Its in Nature Wool Chunky, color 112, a nice mellow lavender. I've now finished both sleeves, they are blocking on my makeshift board (foam insulation panels I found in the basement!) and I seamed the body last night - what fun - the mattess stitch is truly magic!

My only problem is the size: when I started this a month ago, I really just looked at the pattern sizes and said "Oh a 38 will be perfect and give me a little roominess". However, when I started ordering my yarn for Klaralund, I needed to be positive about the sizing so I measured my bust for the first time and I'm a 40! You see, pre-child I was around a 35 and that is still the mental image I have of myself, but as DH said last night when I tried it on for the first time "you have forgotton that you've grown quite the rack since [The PumpkinMan] was born!" Silly me. I don't have enough yarn to make a bigger size, and even if I did it would crush me to redo it all, so I'll wear it unbuttoned until I deflate when I stop nursing the PumpkinMan!

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Blogger A said...

hi, i know nothing at all about knitting, but i'm going to go get supplies next week and teach myself. how hard can it be? no really, HOW hard can it be?
so, i'll be checking out your post when i can & good luck!
and congrats on the bambino.

1:21 PM  

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