Friday, December 10, 2004


My inaugural knit-blog post - wheee! I've been knitting for, oh-lets-see, 2 months? I learned to knit as a child but never did more than produce half-finished plain stockingette scarves. But I have an innate need to create things, and have over the years spawned various hobbies, the longest-lived being quilting. However, with a little one at home now, those have gone by the wayside. I needed something to do that I could drop at a moment's notice, something I could put away easily to keep little hands out of, and something that I could do with half my attention on it (at least for parts of it). Knitting has been a revalation - it fits that bill entirely, and I love it! I've been moderately productive in my 2-month career, and I'll be posting my FOs and WIPs over the next few entries to get this place caught up.


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