Friday, December 31, 2004

A-Recycling-we-will go!

Before I even knew what I was doing knitting-wise (I am now an expert, you see, with 3 months under my belt), I had already seen this wonderful page that shows you how to harvest yarn from existing sweaters. I popped in to the local GoodWill store one lunch break and bought three sweaters for $15. Here they are:

To be harvested Posted by Hello

The one on the left has no tag, and looks hand-knitted itself. Its a pale sea-green heather, looking a bit gray in this shot. The one on the right is a JCrew XXL 100% lambswool, dark green with simple cabling. The balls in the center were another hand knit, 100% wool. I hacked this one up, as it took a while for the contruction method to dawn on me - the sleeves were picked up along the armholes, so knit from top-to-cuff. I didn't grasp this quite soon enough, and in my frustration and impatience lost a good amount of yardage to hungry scissors. Lovely husband created a board with nails 3 feet apart for me so that I can figure out my yardage when I get the motivation to sit and wind and count. Hoping the JCrew will give me enough to knit Mariah - don't want to spend too much on my first cabling project, as I know I will be prone to either dropping it in frustration or end up having guage issues.


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